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Complaint Regarding Faulty Zenfone 8 Wi-Fi and Suspected Motherboard Issue

Star II

Dear Customer Support Team,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the performance of my Zenfone 8, an ASUS smartphone that I purchased in Malaysia. I have encountered significant issues with the Wi-Fi functionality, rendering the device unusable. To make matters worse, the phone initially displayed a "ram dump" error, leading me to suspect a problem with the motherboard.

Unfortunately, the warranty on my Zenfone 8 has already expired, which adds to my frustration. As a loyal customer of ASUS, I expected a high-quality product that would operate reliably beyond the warranty period. However, the current situation has left me with a non-functional device and no available means of resolving the issue.

I kindly request your urgent attention and assistance in addressing this matter. Whether it involves diagnosing and repairing the suspected motherboard issue or exploring alternative solutions, I would greatly appreciate your support in restoring the functionality of my Zenfone 8.

Please consider the inconvenience and disappointment that this situation has caused me as a customer. I genuinely hope that ASUS can find a suitable resolution to this problem, ensuring my continued faith in your brand and products.

I am confident that your team's expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction will be instrumental in resolving this matter effectively. I am eager to find a resolution and regain the trust I once had in ASUS products.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this complaint. I look forward to your response and a swift resolution to the issues with my Zenfone 8 Wi-Fi.



We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner and kindly share the serial number and details requested in the PM inbox.
Thank you.

Star II

I've reply you on the PM. Thanks