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BL Unlocker apk - latest Asus info

Rising Star I

Latests from Asus support by email:

"I am sorry to inform you that in order to keep the device working properly and to keep it up to date, the firmware cannot be manually updated/modified in any way at the moment. Unfortunately, we do not have exact information on how to download Bootloader unlocking apk."


Rising Star I

The "up to date" part is either ironic, or a downright falsehood, depending on how you look at things.

Rising Star II

It seems to me that they are not going to open the possibility of unlocking the bootloader at all.

This is all taking too long, they could have done this long ago...

I hope I'm wrong...

Star III

It just hurts and makes me sick – I think this ASUS phone will be  the only one I will ever possess – no trust in such bad manners. Tell the poeple that the Unlocking Toll will be available in Q3 2023 and leaving their costumers alone and breaking the word – it is frustrating.