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Call recording

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zenfone 8
firmware version 210
no root
All time
Call recorder
With the transition to A13, the app that records calls no longer renames the files with the date, time and name of the contract, but they are all with a generic Call recording followed by a sequential number and accessing the old ones from the dialer (recorded with the previous version) instead they no longer appear with the name in the first instance. It creates a bit of confusion and the whole thing is not very intuitive. Can you solve please?

Screenshot_20230126-213618365 (1).jpg


Hi, I think me or somebody else posted it also to Ideas for next:

I would understand if the filename contained both the number and the name from contact book as well as the datetime (as it does now). It is so primitive change that rejecting this really drives me mad.

This was already reported on 10-27-2022 05:53 PM by tgkzen  in and since then confirmed by several other users . It was ignored and the post closed by robots. Bad support, they broke the phone indeed.

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Has this filename bug been fixed yet?

No. As the admins wrote in some other discussion thread it was intentional change and they would revert back only if there enough complaints. Go ahead.

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+1 for changing it back!

In WHAT way is this change an improvement!? It was fine just the way it was. They don't have to make a complete firmware update either - it's just this single app. They could just make an update for the app.

Asus please make it happen! 🙏