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Call recording

Star III

zenfone 8
firmware version 210
no root
All time
Call recorder
With the transition to A13, the app that records calls no longer renames the files with the date, time and name of the contract, but they are all with a generic Call recording followed by a sequential number and accessing the old ones from the dialer (recorded with the previous version) instead they no longer appear with the name in the first instance. It creates a bit of confusion and the whole thing is not very intuitive. Can you solve please?

Screenshot_20230126-213618365 (1).jpg


Hall of Fame II

This is an updated "design" not a "bug", and it is unlikely that the next update will restore the original design.

Ok, for me it's very bad "design". Solution downgrade on A12?

Hall of Fame II

That seems to be the case so far.

It is broken idea. Am I supposed to rename each file manually? Are you serious?

Hall of Fame II

The moderator said that this situation has been reported, but I think there is little chance of modification. Unless there are a lot of people making suggestions in "Ideas for Next ".