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Android 13 - missing Advanced system mode

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I updated manually to Android 13. So far there are no issues, it is stable.

But what happened to the Battery - System modes - "Advanced system mode"?
It was giving the user  a lot of control and was a great option. Why Asus decided to remove it?
Now I'm stuck with "Dynamic" mode where the battery life is garbage or "Durable" mode where there is no background sync.

Before the update I was able to make a very balanced custom profile and normally was getting 2 days of battery life without compromising on functionality.
Do the Asus Team plans to add back the Advanced system mode in the future updates? 


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This is an adjustment after updating Android 13. ZenFone’s new system mode design is optimized with the three main axes of “performance”, “balance” and “power saving”. ZenFone 8 series Android 13 has integrated the spirit of the original advanced mode into the three main axes , and get in line with ZenFone 9.


Sorry but I could not understand, is there an alternative to the advanced mode. Or the user is forced to use just one of the pre-defined presets?

There may not be an "advanced mode" anymore, they want to simplify the options.

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bro can you tell me how many hours of SOT do you have one full charge from 100-0