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[BUGS] Some Android 12 issues to fix

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I’d like to report some issues with Android 12 on my Zenfone 8. I checked on WW - 31.1004.0404.73 and new system update 31.1004.0404.81 also and it’s still happening. 
1) It’s not possible to resize height of some widgets – searching bars (I checked Firefox, Brave Browser, Google) 

2) Night Light mode is not working properly during unlocking device by fingerprint. All screen is flashing like on video. 

3) Multi-Window mode deviding apps much worse than on Android 11. On a screenshot I got YouTube on Brave Browser and default Clock app.  

4) My phone isn’t working with a docking station HP USB-C Dock G5 anymore. On Android 11 I could charge and use ethernet connection, wireless mouse and keyboard. Now nothing is working. BTW if hardware allows to share the screen to external display it'll be a nice feature.
5) I am not sure is it because of system or app, but on Bank Millenium application fingerprint icon stay on the screen until I tap icon another time, after log on. 

I hope it helps improve software.

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@Irene2_ASUS also pass to the devs that I've issues due to the charges because of roaming,
in the latest Android 12 version when you choose Sim 1 by default it sometimes calls from Sim 2, this is just a stupid bug that costed me 30 euro of roaming charges because of wrong sim the system called from

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Hi @adrkli

Thanks for the feedback, I pass it on to our devs.

About your issue with bank Millenium app, did you try clearing chache from the app?

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I just reinstalled application and it's a little better. Now fingerprint issue is happening during first launch of app. When app is just closed and I'll try again there is no problem.

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Another one: I've got some random restarts. Before every restart I was using Deezer Music app, sometimes music was paused before restart, sometimes not. Still using 31.1004.0404.81