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Big camera bug on .296

Rising Star II

On zf8 within .296 (latest?)

When recording video with stabilizer on, it cut the soundtrack from the end, it depends the length of the video, when it starting to do that.

This need to be fixed asap.


There you go. here is the log and this is the screen record.

Anyway, there is no visible error, crash or something, just frame drops. Maybe the governor is trying to keep low CPU/GPU frequency, while recording video? Just as my hypothesis...

When screen recording is disabled, FPS is a little bit better, but it's still looks stuttering.

When I use a hypersteady mode, it looks smooth, as well as it must be, but for 60 FPS it only supports full HD resolution. 

Hello @sashakruchan 


I have sent your log to our developing team for further analysis. However, since the 'issue' you encountered is "stuttering, frame drops" we need you to post a new thread in case our engineers need further information or logs from you. Thank you, we appreciate the help! 



My problem is happening with front camera. hevc, fullhd@60fps.

@survivor303 @sashakruchan Have you noticed if this issue also happened when the phone temperature was normal? 

Yep. It is not related to phone's temperature. When I use third party app to record 4K video, like Google Camera, it records video smooth, even with EIS enabled, because it uses its own EIS algorithm. But the only reason, why I want to use stock camera app, is 60 FPS support. Third party apps cannot record 60 FPS videos unfortunately