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Big camera bug on .296

Rising Star II

On zf8 within .296 (latest?)

When recording video with stabilizer on, it cut the soundtrack from the end, it depends the length of the video, when it starting to do that.

This need to be fixed asap.


Star II

Agree with it. And another problem is recorded video looks laggy as hell. No matter what resolution or frame rate is selected, 1080p-8K, 24-60 FPS - all of them have massive frame drops. Fix it, please, even if the software update support for this smartphone has already ended. Don't leave this bug unsolved. 

Yup, You need to disable digital stabilization to stop lagging. Also this looks very unproffesionall from Asus side to left users with unpolished software, especially when they don't plan to update further except security fixes. Also some people says it works some not. (discussing with people on Youtube about this issue) Maybe we are dealing with some kind of heat exchanging issue (I mean throtthling because of some kind of heatpipe fault only in some devices)?

Rising Star II

I also observe the above problems with the camera!

Looking forward to a fix!

Star II

I confirm! Same problem.

And a low sound output for wired headphones. Quiet sound for some reason. If you add all programs, including the player through which you listen to music, In game genie, the sound becomes loud, but once you open the home screen, the volume becomes the same - quiet. Don't know how to fix it