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Big camera bug on .296

Rising Star II

On zf8 within .296 (latest?)

When recording video with stabilizer on, it cut the soundtrack from the end, it depends the length of the video, when it starting to do that.

This need to be fixed asap.


This problems, like sound cutting from end and stuttering are related. The only thing, that produces this bugs, is electronic image stabilization as well.

I've sent You a private message with log generated using your method.

Hello, we can't disable physical stabization so it is of course digital image stabilization option. About length it's lottery but usually the longer clip is the faster sound will rip. For example I've recorded some random clips with eis on, one 14 seconds long - sound stops at 12 second, and 24 seconds long - sound stops at 23 second. I also have one clip from 22 march when I've created first topic about this issue - it was 28 seconds long and sound stops there at 24. I'm using h265 codec.

Here's my first topic about this issue:

Here are some sample files recorded by me to test if this bug is still active (and one from march 22, when I've first issued this bug:

Here's my video settings in the camera app. (Polish language)


Rising Star II

@keren_ASUS  Pay attention to the topic!



Maybe you should create the same topic, but in the Chinese forum thread?

There moderators are more responsive, and respond faster!

Rising Star II

Ok, now i can confirm that it is stabilizer from camera settings, that break the soundtrack. It does that with back camera also, when it is enabled.

Back camera is hypersteady supported and with it, sound keeps working but if you disable hypersteady and using only stabilizer from settings, then the bug occur.