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Battery time indicator

Rising Star I
There are two places in the menu where I can check the expected battery time how long the phone wil last, and those say different time.
In the battery menu it says now 9:45, when I touch the battery icon, it opens a diagram, and below the graph it says 14hours. Which one is right then?
Also how can I check actual charging speed?

Community Legend II
Without any references it is hard to deduct what differs.

From the post history, I can see you made this post 19:37 local time.
And if the "Battery page" in Android says "last until 9:45" it would mean around 14hours.
Clicking the icon, it also says 14hours. There is some rounding.

I would say none of them are going to be correct in the sense that it just bases it on very generic information and any changes in usage patterns will change the actual time-left quite drastically.

We do not provide a visualisation of 'actual charge speed'. Charge speed will vary across the charging cycle and depending on device + ambient temperatures as it is constantly regulating itself. (Which is no different from any other modern phone).