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After update 31.1010.0411.138 (2022-10-05) Location Service don't stop

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After update my ZenFone 8 to version 31.1010.0411.138 (2022-10-05) the Location Service don't stop.
It is always showing the location icon on top bar and alerting form an app cosuming much battery.
Looking the battery alert detais it shows the app Location Services.
If I turn off the the Location and turn on, it stay for a while off, but when some app uses the Location when the app is closed the Location keep on.

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I never had turned on automatically night light or theme from light to dark, but the problem is still there.

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Ah I see. So there seem to be other causes as well. Hope ASUS will be able to fix it quickly with the provided logs.

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I also found a geolocation problem in the weather app. To fix the problem, turn off location detection in the background.

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It was the weather app for me too. When I disabled the location detection in the background, everything went back to normal. I also found a system app always trying to get access to my location. It's called nextapp and by default it doesn't have a location permission and you cannot change that.

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Same issues. LocationService is draining my battery.

Hey everyone,
The R&D is working on resolving the issue however, the team has come up with a temporary fix by uninstalling Google play service updates.
Uninstall Google play service by Setting>all apps and notification> see all apps>tap more option>show system>google play service>tap more option>uninstall updates.
After uninstalling updates you need to reboot the phone. This should make the GPS icon disappear.

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Can confirm this "fixes" the issue on my device.