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WiFi and hotspot not working+ camera retraction not working in ZenFone 8 flip

Star II

My phone got an update from Google security . After that update suddenly WiFi and hotspot had issue on phone . Continuous effect later on my camera retraction had effected . Idk why that occured but I pretty sure it's not my fault because before that I was using 2 years + not had any issues . Now please Goodbye Zenfone 8 flip  [230815]ZenFone 8/8 Flip_WW/EU/RU_33.2010.2010.314 (Android 13) try check all these complain . I not afford to do the phone with the price I bought please la at least consider me as a consumer . Not only me had effected like this. Don't lose your consumers trust like this . Not only named as premium phone ,it should be in usage and service eligibility too . There is no warranty extension too how do people trust Asus if u guys make your service very pricey .. most of the people can't afford please understand my situation , I handed over my ZenFone 8 flip in plaza lowyat hq of Asus . Please check and reconsider my case #justice


thanks for good information i have solve the issue to me