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Repairs experience and general QC

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Hi guys, my wife bought the phone almost one year ago as an upgrade of her Zenfone 6 flip and we imediatly had problems with the camera. I had to give her my phone and I took the Zenfone and the quest to solve the problems. The first problem was one of the weirdest bug ever: camera buttons were doing different tasks then they should have like wide button was zoom, selfi mode did not return the camera, group selfi was tele... It looked like the non flip update was pushed onto the flip version of the phone. Anyway the phone was fixed by Asus. All good. Fast fwd a couple of months later we have more problems: proximity sensor is dead, camera sometimes flips sometimes mentions something is blocking it. I've sent it again to Asus and today I've received it back with none of the problem solved claiming it was a software issure and everything works after they reinstalled it. I am long time Asus fanboy since my PC gaming years but this got me demoted real fast.
Almost forgot another issue I had. I carry the phone in jeans back pocket and found a lot of dust behind the lenses. Is the sealing that bad? Never had that problem with any phone I had. Maybe with the first repair they ruined the sealing? What do you think?

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