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Is it worth it to replace broken display on the Zenfone 7?

Star I

Ok so last July I bought the Zenfone 7 for 500€ and I've been loving it so far, however last night I dropped it from high up and the display got absolutely demolished (as in both the screen and display underneath). In your experience, knowing that replacing the internal display is quite hard and will irreversibly "damage" some parts of the phone, do you think it's worth it to go repair it? I have no important data inside and I can get a "almost new" zenfone 7 for slightly more than 400€, so if the repair is 250€ or more then I think it's better to buy another one without the irreversible damage and whatnot. I realize this is tricky, since going for cheap repairs for such a sensible phone part can bite me later, but this is why I'm asking

I wrote the prices in euros but it doesn't matter, I'll convert dollars, pounds or whatever other currency since the parts should cost about the same.



Indeed, based on your description, it appears that your product may be out of warranty, and the issue seems to be caused by external force. Therefore, if you visit our repair center, the cost for replacing the screen will be quoted to you, and the screen replacement cost may be relatively high. Consequently, we may not strongly recommend proceeding with the repair. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.