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Faulty usb connector?

Star III
I'm having problems with my phone's usb connection. My phone thankfully charges without problems, but that's about only thing it does. Every pc i have tried it doesn't find the phone and i don't get any notification for usb connection. When connected to pc the "USB tethering" option stays grayed out. Trying to force usb option on developer options doesn't do anything. I tried connectin on FASTBOOT mode and with ADB enabled but same result. Also usb memory sticks doesn't recognize.
On my pc's device list phone shows up as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)"
I have tried several different cables and few different computers and same result on every one.
I also tried reverting to Android 11 but it didn't work. It worked on Android 11 last time so this has been issue a long time and this is second time i'm writing about this here.
Is there something else i could try or is my phone faulty?

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Ich habe das selbe Problem, aber bisher keine Lösung gefunden!

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