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A11 major problems with Gmail notifications

Rising Star II
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After updating to A11 I started to see major issues with the battery optimizations, mostly on Gmail app, but once I started to investigate I see it overall. Email notification come with hours , if not tens of hours delay , which was not the case on A10. I noticed that even whether app is not updating in timely fashion.
It looks like phone goes to hibernate and not resumes for notification only once in a couple of hours if not more. Strangely but whatsapp is working fine. I have disabled all battery optimizations and I saw some improvements but not that good as in A10. Yesterday for instance, I lost a couple of important emails since they Gmail App only synchronized once in 10 hours....which is unacceptable.
Factory reset does not help since I have done it at least 7 times due to various issues since A11 update a week ago...

Please help!!!! I don't know what else to look for!
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Zen Master III

Zenfone 8 does not have this issue. At least not on my device. The only two of my devices (and I have all ASUS Phones) that do not get any reminders from Google calendar are ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 7.

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Well I don't know what to say but my phone now gets reminders notifications. The only two things I tried was one set a reminder notification using the Google assistant and two change the colour of the notification to tomato. Either one of the two has to have worked because now I don't have a problem anymore.

Zen Master III
I just tried it again and it's still working. At first I thought it was changing the colour that did it but now I am wondering if it was setting a reminder using the Google assistant that sort of reset it , obviously I don't know what did it but it just works now.
I think I might hang on to this phone for now and see how the zenfone 8 shapes up. I have read that it has some teething problems 😔. All the other Asus phones I have had seemed to be fine right out of the box,by my memory isn't the best

Rising Star II
guys, I've been facing that issue since A11 betas and it's still there
ASUS's devs were not able to replicate it and they haven't found anything in the logs I provided
it's very random, sometimes it works fine for even two weeks (which is the case for me ATM) but sometimes I have to reboot twice a day to get notifications working
for Calendar I use Business Calendar 2 which always gives me notifications (this may be a workaround for someone)
Gmail and Google Calendar are not the only apps affected by that, I use Aggregator (RSS reader) and apps which suffer from this too

Rising Star II getting worse and worse... Now I don't get notifications from telegram as well... I think if I leave the phone untouched for 1 day I won't get notifications from any app..( since I did not use telegrams for 1 day and I found curios that sone threads did not sent an today when I opened the app I had more than 300 messages)

Rising Star I
I'm also noticing something weird. ZF 7 Pro starts acting up on Wifi, so I restart the phone and then get all sorts of notifications from Gmail and Proton Calendar. Not sure what's going on, but I'm sure as hell it's the ASUS device.