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Zenfone 6 back case and tempered glass

Rising Star I
Dear friends,
Can anyone suggest best back case/cover and tempered Glass for the Asus Zenfone 6 2019 version. But the cost of back case should be around $15 (INR 1000 bucks) and tempered would be around $7 ( INR 500 bucks)
I'm searching for too long period still didn't find best match. And I have checked the Rhinoshield back case but it is too costly. And used SPRIG tempered glass twice, but no luck, broken both times. So please suggest best and cheap one.
RhinoSheild back Case:

SPRIG tempered glass:

Many thanks in advance

Star III
I ordered one of the carbon fiber+brushed metal look cases off ebay a month before I got the phone, since shipping takes forever. If you are apprehensive about ebay you can find listings for similar cases on amazon. Sorry, can't link anything yet...
Regardless, I had the same design of case for my previous phone, a Mi Max 2, and it dealt with many falls and has definitely saved my ZF6 once already.
I have also ordered a couple of the fabric back cases, and one of the cases with the "rugged shield" text, intending to compare and post about them.
As the case offering for the ZF6 hasn't been too diverse, generic chinese stuff is what remains. This case I got for now is at least good quality though, the buttons and holes for speaker, camera, fingerprint, 3.5mm jack, mics and usb-c port are perfect and fit is snug. Of course it's just textured rubber, but it improves grip and protects well.
Don't know about tempered glass protectors. I tend not to use them since as long as you do not crack gorilla glass and don't keep it in a pocket with sand, not even metal can scratch it.

Rising Star I
You can get good cases in sub INR. 500 from Amazon India. As far tempered glass I didn't find good fit for Asus 6Z.
Although some manufacturers are selling edge to edge with black border tempered glass but .. see this.

Don't buy tempered glass like this


It covers the Proximity sensor and Ambient light sensor, making both un-useful.

Never buy Tempered Glass with black border/full screen
With case phone would be pretty much safe. Don't worry about scratches. My OnePlus 2 and Samsung Galaxy II worked for 4 years without much of noticeable scratches on glass.

Rising Star II
Buy tempered from Glazedinc website. It's the closest to nillkin quality tempered i have seen in India atleast..

The oleophobic coating is better than any stuff available on amazon.