Never buy Tempered Glass with black border/full screen

MrHornetMrHornet Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Don't buy tempered glass like this

It covers the Proximity sensor and Ambient light sensor, making both un-useful.


  • They are selling f11pro glass protector for this always beware

  • Yes I agree, I bought it too and I shouldn't

  • I applied black cornered tempered glass screen protector for few days after buying phone in first sale after that applied normal old type tempered glass but bubbles occurred in corners so what i did i forced some gel from gel pen in bubbled area and it did filled the bubbles and no more bubbles till now BTW i did this because i already know that some people suggest filling bubbles with oil but in a week or so oil vanishes and bubbles come back.

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