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Wifi & Wifi Hotspot connectivity issue with Bluetooth ON

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I am noticing since last update that if Bluetooth is on and connected / paired with a device ( in my case it's Bluetooth earphones) , the wifi connection : both wifi Hotspot as well as wifi facing issues in connecting to the wifi network. It takes too long too connect and post connecting also it frequently disconnects & strata showing obtaining ip address.
If I disconnect Bluetooth then wifi works smoothly.

Kindly review and suggest.

Best Regards ,
Vineet Jain

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Now it's clear infact each n every piece of this phone is acting different.
This is just another speculation, the point is that the problems may be related to the questions I ask in the previous post.
My ZF6 is 6/128.

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Wow if u don't have problem then nobody have problem what a great way to analyse the issue?

Now it's clear infact each n every piece of this phone is acting different.

Please mention which memory version u have i.e ram n storage?

Further please also see the attached

screen recording. The wifi again gets disconnected n starts seeking for ip address after Bluetooth is on.

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jis had some very good questions. Please reply all of them and I will help you figure out what could be wrong. Please quote this message when you reply

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I have similar kind of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity issue with ROG phone II, is there any solution available.