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Viewing photos in Google app, brightness changing

Star I
When viewing photos in Google photo app, the pictures pop up brighter, but while you slide to the next picture, normal brightness is restored, until the next picture is ready to be viewed, then that picture pops up brighter and do on...doesn't made a difference if the photos are backed up or not... Strange, not filter set up...

Star I
A bit strange that we have to change the settings of the phone to adapt to an application? Maybe we'll discover another issue where we have to change to Black and White... Imagine you have to change your TV settings to adapt to certain channels? Yes the solution seems to help, but it's more patch really...??? I can hardly imagine software is the issue, hopefully a real solution will come along soon, thank you.

Hall of Fame III
This is a know Google Photos issue which has affected more brands than ASUS. Google is working on solving it if they haven't already.