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Inconsistent brightness when changing refresh rate

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Hello, I am noticing a very annoying increase in brightness when the display refresh rate switches to 90Hz (from 60Hz or 120Hz). This is particularly evident when the phone is in dark mode and the auto refresh rate is turned on: touching the screen triggers a refresh rate change to 90Hz with the associated brightness change.
Could this be fixed with a better screen calibration?
Here is some basic info:
Model Name: Zenfone 9
Firmware Version: WW_32.2050.2050.34
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Very frequent

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I confirm this problem  
Certainly on a dark theme the brightness goes crazy when changing the refresh rate .

Someone else also mentioned a yellow screen at 90hz - also very noticeable especially with minimal screen lighting.

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It's possible that the increase in brightness when the display refresh rate switches to 90Hz could be due to the screen calibration. You can try adjusting the screen calibration settings to see if that helps.

To adjust the screen calibration settings on your Zenfone 9, go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Screen Calibration. From there, you can adjust the color temperature, color saturation, and hue to your liking.

If adjusting the screen calibration settings does not help, it's possible that the issue may be related to the firmware or software. You can try updating your phone to the latest software version to see if that helps resolve the issue.

If the issue persists after updating the software and adjusting the screen calibration settings, you may want to contact ASUS customer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or recommend sending the device in for repair if necessary.

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