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Regarding android 10 update for zenfone 5Z

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No manual link is found on official asus website
Nor manual check for system update is showing anything to update still in search of android 10 full firmware link or else OTA asus india announced on their facebook page regarding update that now 5Z is redefined flagship with android 10 with a post on 27 nov at 7.00 pm

I cn understand about OTA it takes time to arrive but where is manual full firmware link on website atleast?? Thats strange ASUS announced but user id still in search of update ?

Also if possible open up new thread for 5Z discussions on new zentalk here we need it badly as android 10 is released will be easy for us to discuss alot more about stability bugs and other problems if we face any as old zentalk on india country no one replies us
PLEASE @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris @LP_ASUS plz rethink about new thread here for 5Z and upload firmware as soon as possible on website atleast if OTA is gonna take time its a request humbly?

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Asus zenfone 5z
I am waiting for camera improve as VIVID mode, auto beauty mode etc

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Lots of improvement is needed in android 10 for 5Z take a look At battery stats
Android system 12% ohhh really.....? ! This is just because ASUS released android 10 beta 4 as stable i wish to fix this battery issue as soon as possible really if heart of phone does not survive then whats the use of flagship ? juz played pubg nothing else i was able to do after pubg also lots of issue yet to be fixed @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS
Please start 5Z new thread on this new forum we also need support badly as 5Z is still flagship and we also are member of ASUS family ? hope mods u understand 5Z users ☹️