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Privacy Settings

Zen Master III
This is a new item in the Settings in Android 10, but it has one defect, some of its items are hidden behind Advanced button, just as Google does on vanilla Android, while Asus has already eliminated this stupid way of hiding some items in Pie in all other major items of Settings. I prefer the full way to display all settings items, as Asus did in Pie.
Someone forgot to remove this hiding in the new Privacy item in Android 10 Settings.
There is no reason to hide parts of settings on ZF6, the display is long enough and its brave users are not afraid to see all the items in Settings at once 🙂

Zen Master I
What privacy settings are you referring to?

Zen Master III
Settings / Privacy - between Display and Location

Zen Master III
Sure, this is a trifle, but it would be good to align the way it appears the Privacy menu with the other items in Settings (without hiding some of its items behind Advanced button).

Hall of Fame III
I understand this is triggering your OCD 🙂
It should be easy to fix but at the same time, not the highest priority. I will forward it to our devs though