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Poor photo quality .137

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Processing time for 48 mp seems slower than before. Colors are washed out so bad I'd be embarrassed to show photos taken with it. If it's not done "processing" despite looking like it is and you take another photo it deletes the "processing" photo. Camera was better on version 9. Definitely my first and last Asus phone for sure.

Zen Master I

48MP is only meant for outdoor during daytime or very good lighting conditions when indoor. I can see that your living room do not qualify when it comes to good lighting conditions. 48MP has been like this since day one. It's how this camera works and you just happened to notice it in .137

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Thanks@Anders_ASUS i know that 48MP need more light but i don't know the fact that low light also affect the color of the picture.

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Our 12 and 48mp mode are not tuned exactly the same but the amount of captured light will also affect the colors, so this is why they look so different