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Please improve call quality.

Rising Star II
I am on lastest update one which is available in first week of July. I know speaker is in camera module but call audio  have issues like rattling/shaking skipy audio like of overscrated audio CDs even when  signals on both sims is full it sometimes feels like person is standing near railway track when train is crossing while talking to me. I am on 8gb/256 version and its sad to know such good phone is bad Phone call audio quality wise.

Star II
Same issue with me too

Rising Star I
calling is the basic thing of a phone they should fix the issue first...the call clarity is just horrible

Star II
Didnt get the july update yet. But call quality is really disturbing. Also the top part gets warm while talking and gets more warmer when the call continues. I m using the 8/256 model. 

Hall of Fame III
We've sent this feedback back to our developers and they're looking into it. Thanks!