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Please add VoWifi WiFi calling feature for India [Threads Merged]

Rising Star II
As Jio and Airtel now have wifi calling in india and soon Vodafone will also implement Wifi calling its time that Asus will add this feature in future updates.

Zen Master I

No, I didn't use this code for activation as this is not doing anything on my phone.

I saw wifi calling option activation within settings. At the top, left side of emergency contact detailes. Activated this feature for both the network.

However after the update it's gone.

And as I mentioned this code is not doing anything on my phone.

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I see. But if you did put in the code, go back to:
Settings --> Network & Internet --> Mobile Network
and see if Wifi calling is there.
That code just adds the option of wifi calling to the settings in that location.

Zen Master III
Right code is *#*#3642623344#*#*
Edit: Thank you for notifying me of my mistake. I was correcting another user's post and I had another bug myself in that string, I'm sorry.
Oh that damned forum editor here.

Star III

What about wifi calling and volte on T-Mobile in the U.S. ?

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I'm also on T-Mobile and this phone is nearly useless without those features.

Rising Star II
Also man, ViLTE is a required feature too. You guys keep refusing saying it's an India only requirment but thats like making indian demands as 2nd degree ones

Star II
You are a life saver. Wifi calling is working for me in India under JIO network. I have very poor signal in my home and with wifi calling the call quality is super clear. The right code is #*#3642623344#*#* .

Right code is *#*#3642623344#*# 🙂

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