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Please add VoWifi WiFi calling feature for India [Threads Merged]

Rising Star II
As Jio and Airtel now have wifi calling in india and soon Vodafone will also implement Wifi calling its time that Asus will add this feature in future updates.

Star II
Bummer. Thanks for the information.

Star I
Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_7f_ucny1z3qwsd2.pngi'm use ufi box done

Star I
In the US and just got the Z6. So pumped.
Until, I saw no option for wifi calling. I will be unable to use this phone at work (or home for that matter).
Why would such a phone that thought of everything NOT have wifi calling.

I am so disappointed and shocked.

Well, back in the box 😞

Star II
Any updates as to if this is going to be supported in the future?
If not, as great of a phone as it is I am temped to return it. It's a setting that's not deeply hardware dependent so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to add it in...

Star II
I know therre is already another thread about this, but I feel the need to point this out.
As far as I know WiFi Calling/Texting isn't deeply hardware dependent, which means that even though the Zenphone 6 is many people's dream phone, VoLTE and an IP rating aside, Asus just chose to not put it in this phone. Could I be wrong?

I LOVE this phone but I'm about to send it back... Not having WiFI Calling/Texting is a HUGE inconvenience for myself personally.