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Please add VoWifi WiFi calling feature for India [Threads Merged]

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As Jio and Airtel now have wifi calling in india and soon Vodafone will also implement Wifi calling its time that Asus will add this feature in future updates.

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will 6z get vowifi option or not as it is important for me as network coverage is not good at my new house. so if not then i will look for other options.

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India, USA, or otherwise we'd all like to know the plan if there is one. I keep holding out on hope, but this phone just loses resale value over time. So if it's better to just sell it let us know. Vowifi volte are crucial in US and India I'm sure.

Rising Star II

Reread my response. Your initial statement suggested a sense of superiority complaining about one thing you don't have when you may already have multiple things others don't have. I'll withhold calumny and continue to hope that all people with this phone regardless of race or location will have the same feature options. Back to the topic of this thread, voWiFi.

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Any chance to get this feature permanently added to settings, Asus? Why would someone enter the code to activate it every time after the restart? What's the deal?