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Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10

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Even though the features in android 10 are exciting, there are many performance issues after upgrading to android 10 in Asus 6Z.
Some of the most irritating things I found after upgrading to android 10 are,
1) Fingerprint unlock got slower: Fingerprint unlock takes a long time for the display to unlock. Earlier in Android 9 pie, it was very fast to unlock the display. But now, it takes more than a second(sometimes even more) to unlock and after unlocking the display, unlock animation(transition from lock screen wallpaper to home screen wallpaper) doesn't look fine and we can experience a lag.
2) Too many lags: After the update, I experienced a lot of lags in switching between the recent apps and for general use as well.
3) Battery draining fastly: The most depressing problem I faced is fast draining of the battery after upgrading to the Android 10. Earlier, I had to just charge the phone once in two days, but now I had to charge the battery everyday.
I hope all these bugs get fixed as soon as possible by upcoming updates. Due to these bugs, I am starting to hate my decision of opting for Asus rather than Oneplus.
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I did a factory reset(it's the only option we've got), it's been 3 issues so far
But i feel lag issue need to addressed so that we don't need to reset everytime there is an update

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Same here, really starting to regret updating to Android 10...

Sometimes the phone won't respond for 3-5 seconds when trying to open an app.

Sometimes unlocking the phone with fingerprint just doesn't work, screen stays black for 5+ seconds while finger is on sensor. Then when I try to open the screen with the on-button, the screen flashes on and back off immediately. Really frustrating.

This used to be a really good, fast and fluid phone. Please investigate this @Anders_ASUS

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I don't know if this is the same as what you are saying but I've recently realised that fingerprint actually only unlocks the phone & so depending how long you have set it to 'sleep' for after turning the screen off, if you turn it on before the time is up then the fingerprint won't turn it on, only the power button!
I didn't think it worked like this before the 10 update but I may be wrong. However yes, I've found that when I forget the fingerprint won't turn the screen back on & I eventually use the power button, then it does light up for a split second & goes off. Re-pressing the power button appears to get me back on track.

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I am experiencing the same thing with serious lag issues when switching between apps and even closing apps.
The battery life has also been significantly less since the update, so I am probably going to do the factory reset as well and revert back.
I also ran into some issues with Bluetooth connectivity with devices that were previously connected and synced.
Still love this phone, just not the current performance of the Android 10 update.

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Yes. I experienced the same issues! Does hard reset be the only solution? Or, can we rollback to Android 9? Asus, pls reply.

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You can rollback to 9 but do q reset you will be fine