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Additional feature (fingerprint gesture)

Can we have some more gestures with fingerprint.Single tap for going back.Long press for recent apps.I had it on my previous phone. Which was really helpful because when we hold the phone our thumb is in middle of the screen and our remaining 4 finge...

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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Dear Asus

Dear Asus, I do not understand all these complaints of users, I bought a second phone because it broke first, this time version 8/256 and works perfectly, Android 10 update is great, battery lasts 4 days, brilliant battery, everything works beautiful...

GPS problem(unable to detect location)

Sometimes even when the location is turned on some apps are not able to detect the location so pls fix this @ANDERSON@Anders_ASUS@LP_ASUS i also attached an example2019-11-13-17-48-25.mp4 After android 10 it is not working properly i am on firmware ...

Monark by Zen Master I
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Android 10 Rollout in Germany

I was wondering what the official timeline looks like for the rollout of the Android 10 update in Germany, i.e., for devices purchased from the German ASUS eShop. I see a lot of people posting about the new update, but it's unclear where their device...

Lambaste by Rising Star I
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no mic on call

On the latest android 10 build (WW_17.1810.1910.68) the other side can't hear me on phone calls unless if I use a headset with a seperate mic, the built-in mic in the phone works though in the camera app and the recorder app, this is after a factory ...

mosimchah by Rising Star I
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Zenfone 6 : unable to share Slow motion video

Hi Team, I am unable to share Slow motion videos through what's app. It doesn't run in WhatsApp. It get stuck from the point slo-mo starts. If i save it by adding music, then it works.. with out music it get stuck..

My Android 10 bugs list

Finger scan lag and phone unlock bug slow unlockGone lock sound but unlock sound workSometimes when i call speaker give calling sound distortion and vibrationLag all phone(belated reaction) using screen touchPlease and Hurry Fix It Android 9 was perf...

ging057 by Star II
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Zenfone6 down

Hi,My Zenfone6 was upating apps on GooglePlay Store and sudddenly went off.No button on/off, no Reset, nothing! Just black...Why?Two months life!

acorad by Star I
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Dark mode - Notification panel

After toggling the dark mode, the notification panel automatically collapses,making me drag it down again to use some other option on notification panel. This is not user friendly. It never collapses on pixel. @Anders_ASUS

Saran by Rising Star II
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