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Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10

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Even though the features in android 10 are exciting, there are many performance issues after upgrading to android 10 in Asus 6Z.
Some of the most irritating things I found after upgrading to android 10 are,
1) Fingerprint unlock got slower: Fingerprint unlock takes a long time for the display to unlock. Earlier in Android 9 pie, it was very fast to unlock the display. But now, it takes more than a second(sometimes even more) to unlock and after unlocking the display, unlock animation(transition from lock screen wallpaper to home screen wallpaper) doesn't look fine and we can experience a lag.
2) Too many lags: After the update, I experienced a lot of lags in switching between the recent apps and for general use as well.
3) Battery draining fastly: The most depressing problem I faced is fast draining of the battery after upgrading to the Android 10. Earlier, I had to just charge the phone once in two days, but now I had to charge the battery everyday.
I hope all these bugs get fixed as soon as possible by upcoming updates. Due to these bugs, I am starting to hate my decision of opting for Asus rather than Oneplus.
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Same here, except for the battery. If they don't patch this soon i'm gonna start missing oneplus!

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Me too

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They are problems like the WPS function isn't available anymore, The phone goes to silent mode automatically. On call the screen doesn't go off, and and sometimes times we touch on the airplane mode. The sound for external speakers doesn't work on call using the wire 3.5 connection

Need a update quickly

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I am also facing same issue while in call

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I read some comment from users that had success in fixing their system lag without a reset by downloading the full FW from our homepage and install that one instead of updating via our incremental FOTA which is maybe 300mb vs the full FW which is 1.9Gb.
I have no idea if this really works but it's worth a try. So if you experience lag, next time we release a new FW, don't install it via FOTA. Instead download it from our homepage. This will overwrite more system files than if you upgrade via FOTA which in theory could fix your lag issue.
Please feedback here if it works or not

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Pathetic phone.
Camera app crashes on pressing shutter.
Hangs alot.
Worst decision that I bought this 32-34k s**t.

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Sir whole system hange after update to new version