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No sound in headphones after last update

Star II
System: .121 Android 10 with January 2020 security patch
Phone does recognize the headphones, shows the icon, but there is no sound in them. Speakers are working just fine.
Restarting the phone does not work. Unplugging headphones and plugging in does not work. Checked different headphones. Checked different players. With no results.
Only way to have sound in headphones is to play the music on speakers first, then plug in the headphones, but even that not always works.
The issue might be with audio wizard, since any change in the sound profile automatically stops the sound output, even though the audio wizard equalizer and music players show that music is still playing.
The solution I found is turning the audio wizard off and then rebooting phone. This way there is headphone sound output without any complication.


I also have same problem that after last update of my Asus 6z ,both the wired earphones and Bluetooth devices which I have been connect to my 6z that are producing sound ,only in normal mode and when I switch to anather mode like pop,rock,or classic etc mode then the earphones and also bluetooth devises stop producing sound ,but the speaker is finely working.

Rising Star II
I had the same problem. After restarting the device twice it got solved automatically.
This will help you out.