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New update, thanks for removing almost every possible bug

Star III
Thanks to the asus team, for removing bugs such as the zen home launcher phone icon, speaker annoyed noise on call disconnection, etc bugs and especially for allowing power button ui.....
Its a very good effort to remove all known issues for now. Please consider changing of accent colors!!!
Thanks a lot ???

Rising Star II


But now after this update I have location mismatch issue.

I can confirm this issue. I wouldn't want to solve it with a factory reset, and I think it wouldn't help anyway. But we have to wait for someone to do a reset for another reason and test it.

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So did you face this issue? Cuz I need to know whether it's faced by many or it's only me.

Star III
Comprei o meu em Out/19 e nada de ter atualização ai segui este site e fiz atualização té esta versão 110 que estava no site da Asus, por enquanto tudo correndo bem.

Star III
In the new update firmware (not arrived in Italy yet) I was expecting Fm radio & music player bugs solved but I don't see it yet ???

Star III
There is a bug that is yet to be resolved, Asus Rep had mentioned it might be fixed this update, but it is still happening to me, anyone else on T-Mo still facing this issue?

Rising Star I
I still don't think that they have solved max issues I still think that i m using 15000 phone and i want to be back to one plus their software is too good and asus was good in software when it launched but after updates they are making their phones worst so pls sort bugs or come back to android pie which was too good ???