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[New] Calling Screen Issue

Rising Star II
I started a thread way back in July 2019 regarding calling screen:
This app is has more bugs than features. Bugs:
- Heads-up notification doesn't work(even if I enable it)
- Calling screen won't let me to go back to any other app while the phone is ringing.
- Display turns on automatically while on call even if I press power button to turn it off (option to turn off the proximity sensor doesn't work). To make it worse, the proximity sensor on this phone is not in the center.

Asus Calling Screen [Annoy Screen]
It's almost going to be one year since I have reported these issues and developers haven't done anything about it. It's not just me who finds the Asus calling screen so annoying.
I don't have much hope, but I just wanted to add one more issue. Not sure since which update this issue started:
Quality of the contact picture getting displayed on the calling screen has reduced drastically(no matter how high the picture resolution is). Feels like I'm using some low end phone now.
Please for customers sake fix the calling screen issues for once.

Rising Star II

I know what you think/want. Unfortunately the calling screen is not up to me and I've forwarded these types of threads multiple times. My recommendation - download the latest FW, pop in Google "Phone" app and make it your default calling app.

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I does't matter which phone app I use, the proximity sensor behavior stays the same. I can't even make a phone call without using earphones because this annoys the crap out of me.
Please forward this again to the developers, contact someone who can get this sorted.