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Mic super low in calls.

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Just got my zenfone 6 a few days ago and am super happy with it so far. The only problem I have is that the mic suddenly became super low after an update. It is impossible to make calls without speaker mode (works good then?) and when I use the voice recorder it is so low that to be able to hear my scream I have to have full volume on playback. Is this some software related issue since the mic seems to work without problems when I am talking using speaker mode or is there something wrong with my phone?

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Considerng that the mic is working but just insanely low I suspect it is software related rather than hardware? Is there any way that I can try to downgrade an update to see if it works?

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If the downgrade doesn't work, let us know and we can log the phone to see what the deal is.

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The mic didn't work after the downgrade either so I will have to take it back to the store for another one since I need it working now during the Christmas week. Thanks for the help!