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Lock screen service bug

Star II
There are apps, which allow user to lock the screen with a press of a shortcut on a desktop, for example: One Click Lock Screen (can be found on Play store).
Once installed, the app requires lock screen service permission, after granting which the app successfully locks the screen, however, after reboot it doesn't work and when opened, redirects to the accessibility section in settings, as if the permission isn't granted, but in fact it is. After toggling the permission off and back to on, the app starts working again until next reboot. I tried with another app, and still getting same result. This is a Zenfone 6 firmware bug, I assume, since on my other phone with pure stock Android 10, it is working fine. Please, fix it.


Star II
That's a really good point, but the thing is I wasn't able to post a link due to the lack of user reputation. Otherwise, I would be happy to.

Zen Master II
Please check your settings as bellow:
(1) Mobile Manager > PowerMaster > Auto-start manager > One Click Lock Screen > Checked
(2) Mobile Manager > More option > Settings > Clean up in suspend > Off

Star II
I confirm following:
Clean-up in suspend is off
The app was not allowed to auto-start (because I enabled autodeny autostart for newly installed apps from Power master settings)
So, after allowing auto start for this app, it now works fine even after phone reboot. Thank you both, guys, for sorting this out for me! 🙂
One question related to this:
Is this an expected behavior? I mean, is it by design of ZenUI or Android OS itself, that the app should be autostarted at boot time, otherwise it will conflict with permissions?

Star II
One might question me why I prefer an app for locking screen when there's already a built-in gesture to lock with double tap. I would say, it is a personal old-school "caprice". Maybe I need to review my habits to start using built-in feature instead of a dedicated app, which just hangs there in memory most of the time.

Zen Master III

That's a really good point, but the thing is I wasn't able to post a link due to the lack of user reputation. Otherwise, I would be happy to.

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Ok, fortunately, app name was enough in your case, but there are applications for which the name alone is not enough, and then it is necessary to specify it and some alternative solution can be used for this: