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Need help with my potentially bricked Zenfone 6

My family member sent me a Zenfone 6 as gift, she told me the phone has been tested for a couple days before shipping to me (since I live in another country, better to test before shipping out), and I got the phone, using OTA to upgrade Android 10, o...

Not receiving texts at night

Overnight, when my phone is locked and sitting on my bedside, I seem to not recieve any texts. People are constantly telling me I missed their messages. Doesn't happen during the day. I'm wondering if maybe there's a setting that makes my texting app...

Unreliable charging happneing

When I am putting my phone for charge some time it's showing only charging,some times fast charging and after 10 or 15 mints whole charging procedure is getting stopped. Took the phone and charger to asus service center. They confirmed the data cabl...

Gaming performance needs improvement

While gaming in games like pubg the scene loading is slow and sometimes shutters which results in poor performance in gaming.Please improve the gaming performance 6z got the hardware capabilities.@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

Anndroid 11 Beta Program ?

Will there be any plans for an invite Beta program for Android 11 just like how there was with Android 10? So yesterday (8th July) Google released Android 11 Beta 2 and accidentally leaked a video saying Android 11 will have a final launch on 8th Sep...

chrissy by Star III
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ZenUI improvements on ZF6

Hi. I switched from pure Android phone (Essential PH-1). ZenUI though being quite close to pure stock UI, however has some not so pleasant nuances. I'll name some of them:1. Bluetooth icon is always shown in status bar, even if no active connection e...


When will Zen6 have the next update?

Rafz by Star II
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Phone extremely laggy

Hi,My phone has become extremely laggy, it keeps hanging all the time and mostly all the apps just crashes....but guide me gowndo I solce this problem. I am not using ad card.Thank you

sankesh by Star III
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Add H.266 codec

I think ASUS should be working by now to add the new h.266 codec in the video recording app. Also to reproduce it.

fjaviergj by Rising Star II
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Lens foggy if left unused in monsoon, what about fungus then?

I live in Goa which gets very humid in monsoon. And my Zenfone6 lens is getting foggy as I left unused for two weeks. There was no sudden temperature change as reasoned in another post.I heat up the camera unit using flip mode 2/3 times repeatedly. T...