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Killing apps overnight

Rising Star I
So I have another thread open but it is kinda messy and its mainly about not so great and bugged multitasking and ram usage.

Hey, I am on the last android 10 update but my phone 8/256 GB version behave more like 6 GB i mean ram usage is around 5,5 GB top (70%show in system developer options) and then the phone starts killing apps. Is this normal? I have usage of ram over 90 % on my older phone.?

Ofc I turn off all power management and optiflex for test that out but get same results.

Another issue Switching between apps is smooth and quick but after turn screen off for some time switching between apps gets laggy almost as apps get loaded from swap memory not ram oO.

I don't know how it was on android 9 because i update the system and do the format right out the box.

8gb ram multitasking
But here i wanna ask you guys if you have any problems with apps are getting killed overnight. Usually, when i wake up I have 3-4 apps open in recents from over 20+ when I am going to sleep. It is strange because even if I lost all these apps from memory i don't get much ram free after, still looks like apps are there in ram usage but all of them are reopening when I try them. Problem stays the same no matter what i trunf off or on.
Now i have like adaptive battery off, force autostart stop off, killing apps after scren off - OFF, i turn on autostart on all apps and literally any option to save battery I just turn off or on and test it.
I test all of it on android 10 lats update and last android 9.

Does anyone have similar problems to me? Maybe I am miss something? ?

Rising Star I
Yep for me case is closed to just send this fine phone with trash system away. Have a nice day.