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Hey, I am on the last android 10 update but my phone 8/256 GB version behave more like 6 GB i mean ram usage is around 5,5 GB top (70%show in system developer options) and then the phone starts killing apps. Is this normal? I have usage of ram over 90 % on my older phone.?

Ofc I turn off all power management and optiflex for test that out but get same results.

Another issue Switching between apps is smooth and quick but after turn screen off for some time switching between apps gets laggy almost as apps get loaded from swap memory not ram oO.

I don't know how it was on android 9 because i update the system and do the format right out the box.



  • 70%show in system developer options

    Do you have 70% over the last 3 hours?

    How much do you have over the last day?

    I have 77% over the last day on 6/128 version.

  • I have between 66-70% over all the options 3,6,12,24h it just kills apps when it gets around 6gb for me :/. 

  • Sorry, I should have added that, unlike you, I use OptiFlex.

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    I use opti yesterday and get the same results. 

  • I use opti yesterday and get the same results. 

    Perhaps in terms of percentage memory usage, but you should definitely see the difference that your favorite apps won't be squeezed out of memory.

  • I get you but no app should be squeezed out when I have 2 or at least 1,5 fee GB. Something it's strange here in multitasking. When I use it, it is mighty quick when I take a break it significantly slows down with app swapping. I turn on this option for conserving battery life though it should just kill charging on 100% and it kills all my apps from memory over night except 4 oO totally random ones. ?️

  • :)

    It also happened to me that I posted a post here and it disappeared. So I wrote it out of my head again, but then it appeared both. Some posts are sometimes sent to moderators for review before publishing probably.

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  • Would you like me to clean it up? Which emoji would you like me to save? I'm partial to the alien. ;)

  • It's funny how some users want us to use as little RAM as possible and then we have threads like this :)

    Right now, 6.7-6.8GB seems to be about as much as you can fill a 8GB ZenFone 6 (when looking in Mobile Manager) regardless if optiflex is enabled or not.

    I understand why you want it to be 100% if possible and there is probably a very good reason why this never happens. I honestly don't know right now but I will ask an expert and get back to you.

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    No, it's not ok dude and its just killing apps in the background. Now, I am sure that ram management is bugged on asus and it is killing apps by itself for no reason. The second time I wake up and what I see I have a few apps open rest is gone. And it is not like I was on the edge of the ram use at this time. This is an issue a real one and it is not funny?

    I have 9 normal non-games apps open when i wake up rest was gone yesterday i wake up and 4 apps were open xD this is a joke..

  • As I said, I will ask for the logic behind our RAM management. Some brands are known for killing apps in the background to save battery life. I don't know yet what our reason is but I promise you that there is one. It's not a bug.

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    What are you talking about pls stop do that oO and pay attention to the problem oO How do you even dare to play saving battery life card on 5k mah device with 8gb of ram that I pay for about 25 % more of the price : o. ? 

  • I didn't say this was the case. I'm just saying that there are reasons. 7.6GB is close to 84% and I can't remember I've seen any brand using more than this. Probably an Android limitation.

    You need to improve your attitude if you want my help. There's nothing wrong with the memory management.

    Have you checked if you have this option enabled in PowerMaster?

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    How can i be nicer to you when you treat me like some person who never has an android phone in hands ?? And you say that my thread is funny :D and you still telling me that there is no issue when clearly i have an issue but ok we can start over why not maybe we both start with the wrong foot who knows maybe it is even and my fault or my shit** english but let's just forget about it and try  because I am not here to argue.

    Hello, my phone asus zenfone 6 8/256 ram management behaves very strangely it can kill apps even when it uses 4-5 GB of ram and overnight it is just closing apps by itself for no reason. So it happens mostly in no use scenario. Think i turn off all power-saving option by now but indeed maybe I am missing something? 

    I have already turned off this option from your screen. I even click it multiple times over the last 2 days to double-check it.

    Edit: have the same situation still I even do the format yesterday and for half of the day, phone keep 24 apps in memory without reloading and overnight on charger phone just clean its memory and leave me to 3 apps open so it cleans 21 apps -.- this is a bug or iam missing something ...

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    Another night another ram swipe form 20 + apps to 3 i even disable power master by adb to test if it helps but nope. 

    Overnight phone is going from


    So looks like even after cleaning 99% of the used app it is still using a huge amount of ram oO.

    And my memory usage even if I constantly try to keep as many apps as it can handle in memory are now around 60 % 

    Pls Asus confirm if all of this is yours planed for any reason ram management because if is I will just go return my phone : (. 

    I pay around 100$ more for 8g of ram I can understand some temporary ram management issues connected to new updates but if you tell me that this is normal I will tell that it is not! 

    I have op 7t for few days (i have a bunch of other android phones before too but this 8gb is just fair to compare) and it never cleans apps overnight don't even know how much ram it uses, i don't check that i have no reason to do that because it just works.

    EDIT: I downgraded to android 9 to check things out. So there is a huge difference in ram management! The phone starts closing apps on 34-36 apps open vs 20-24 on android 10. It can easily go down below 2 GB of last free ram to about 1,5gb and it even go below that and then it slowly uses swap memory and it starts killing apps. This is way better than actual android 10 management but I think you can easily risk and change that 1,5 mark to 1gb or even bit lower. I don't know if it eventually cleans almost all my apps from memory overnight we will see : o. 

    Android 9

    System reading after a while is confirms my observation.

    Ram usage is actually very similar to android 10 but way less aggressive it keeps way more apps in ram so IDK if there are some memory leaks on 10 or something I am not that smart but smart enough to see that phone is closing all my apps and it can handle way more multitasking on android 9.?

    PS. And pls don't turn around and tell that this is to save my battery because this should be regulated by battery profiles like always. 

    Edit2 the next day:

     So despite huge multitasking improvement on android 9 my phone again kills apps from background overnight and again apps are killed but ram stays full...

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    Another surprise phone after downgrade to android 9 and multitasking improvement on day one just turn into android 10 cripple ram management after overnight app unwanted killing by system and reboot by me. Now it struggles to get yesterday's multitasking and it is just like on android 10 that means low memory usage apps are killed in-memory way sooner and can't get below even 2 GB of last free memory.

    Believe me, I am pushing this multitasking the same as yesterday but can't get yesterday's results. 

    Maybe multitasking is the same between last 9 and lats 10 update but I miss the day one ram multitasking when use it because it just works fine till firs ram overnight clean idk but  it is definitely something wrong in ram management here if phone one day can behave flawlessly( i mean could be bit better : ) ) and then it just kills app overnight and on on the next day, it starts working way worse with the same apps in use.  

  • So problem exist even in July it sunds kina simmilar to mine @Anders_ASUS

    Now I have the feeling that I am talking to myself. Just tell me should i return this phone because it is what it is and never be any better in ram management and app killing stuff ?? 

  • It's was never my intention to ridicule you. I thought the thread was funny because all other threads that have complained about our RAM management, wanted the RAM to be as unused as possible. We both know this not how android is supposed to be used.

    Yesterday I did some testing with phones like OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB and Pixel 4 6GB next to ZenFone 6 8GB. I used RAM Truth and I couldn't see any different behaviour on ZenFone 6. All phones kills all but 4-5 apps during a couple of hours of sleep. Both OP7Pro and ZF6 can fill their RAM up to about 6.3GB and then they start killing apps, meaning that the oldest apps will be started again even if they are visible in the recent apps overview.

    So the conclusion is that this is NOT an ASUS behaviour. It's Android. You're welcome to continue your experimenting but then you need to include other brands running Android 10.

    I hope you're satisfied with this reply.

    I recommend you to upgrade you ZenFone 6 to the latest version of Android 10 again. Fill your ram with apps and if it reaches above 6GB in RAM Truth, then we can conclude that this matter is closed.

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