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In built reachability cursor???can it be done

Rising Star II
I used to use the app reachability cursor as asus 6z has a big screen ,which is normal to most phones right now and reaching top of screen is close to impossible.Afteri updatedto android 10 the app isn't working and i felt the difference and loss of convenience
One handed mode does okay job but the screen size is down and its not a pleasant experience
Can asus make an inbuild reachability cursor.... although a small edition but the uses are immense....if u haven't tried it out yet take a phone prior to android 10 and install and use it for 2-3 days after that you wont be able to use the phone without it like I'm feeling right now....
Im not the only one feeling this there are lot of people on reddit too if you have time please check it out

Community Legend I
I'll forward this to the devs. I certainly understand what you're talking about, I can't navigate the phone with one hand very well.

Rising Star II
Thank you very much