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zenfone 6 not charging via usb plugged on a pc

i just got my zenfone 6 and i noticed that the phone do not charge if conected on a pc via usb, this is normal or i have a problem? (the battery icon change to the charge status, but after more than 30min connect he do not change the battery level)wi...

Game genie update

Will 6z get updated game genie in which fps meter is present like the one present in Rog 2

Edition 30, Contacts app personalisation not working

Hi, I have an Edition 30, and when I try to customise the backgrounds of the keypad, contacts, or call log, it then jumps straight into my gallery, and after selecting and cropping a picture, it just goes back without setting the picture, whereas my ...

BAAS by Star II
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Camera focusing issue

My camera is not focusing as it was before it was taking so much time to focus but when i close the camera app(default) and open again the same object got focused for which it took so long in the first try i also maintained the minimum focusing range...

Monark by Zen Master I
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[Bug Report] Missing actions in Smart Key settings

Certain actions such as flashlight and camera actions are limited to specific key-press combinations of the smart key. For instance, I can't select any camera actions for the the double-press combination. Similarly, no flashlight for the press and ho...

Lambaste by Rising Star I
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Android 10 please???

I can't wait cuz all my friends (OnePlus 7 users) got android 10 update. When they can remove bugs quicker why can't asus. Anyhow if there's approximate time given it would atleast make me not to check for the update every hour.

Rustylord by Rising Star II
  • 13 replies
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AI Boost

What exactly does AI Boost do and is it bad for battery life to always leave it enabled? Right now I just enable it while gaming although I haven't seen that much of a performance difference with it

mosimchah by Rising Star I
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Screen has green tint

My zenfone 6 screen has green tint which bothers me. If I try to change color temperature I only get more blueish tint or yellowish green tint. Is this phone going to have white balence settings at some point? My friends zenphone 6 screen looks much ...

Darqor by Star I
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Hey everyone. I was one of the unfortunate users who got a faulty handset and had to go through a very tough repair cycle. It took me more than 2 months and finally I received my repaired handset today. In the final stages of repair I discovered the ...