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I need a camera module

Star III


I have damaged my camera module (not just the cover glass, the whole lens is fkd...) So I need to buy a camera module, my local service center can't provide it and I can't find anything on ebay, used phone market, aliexpress... Nowhere. I would love to use this phone for more years, but with broken camera it's hard. So my question is, can someone from Asus provide me with a camera module? Or somebody else, with dead ZF6 (motherboard issue), could you possibly send me the phone for parts? I'm open for solutions to avoid having to buy new phone, I really love my ZF6. Cheers



Hi @pavelvarga24 


We're so sorry to hear about your ZF6. The only thing we can recommend is to reach out to other authorized service centers in your area to see if they can recommend any online stores for purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience. 



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Community Manager
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