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Game Genie needs serious improvements.

Rising Star II
I was using Xiaomi Poco F1 and K20 Pro before making the switch to Asus 6z. The game booster on Miui is very polished and works flawlessly. However Gamegenie(Asus's iteration of Game booster) is extremely flawed and needs some serious works. 

The game playing experience with game genie is very bad currently. Below are my observations:

1. There is no feature to customize the profile to suit any specific game. 

2. If you minimize wgilw playing, game genie preferences are reset.

3. Sometimes after receiving a call, the game completely loses audio even after the call has ended. Generally minimizing the game and reopening fixes it but i have had one or two instances where I had to restart the whole game. Can confirm the same behaviour exists in my brother's zenfone 5z as well.

4.Upon receiving a call while playing any game, first you have to pick up the call, then switch on the speaker while playing and then dismiss the small dialogue box. In xiaomi, there is a feature to enable handsfree automatically upon receiving a call.. Game genie has unnceunnece extra steps.

I seriously suggest that asus  should look into improving game genie. Even though miui sucks on multiple fronts but they have optimized their game booster very much and it ensures hassle free gaming while simultaneously being able to receive and end calls. The developers should check out miui's game booster.

Also, i have been seeing this same shitty app since 1 year in my brother's 5z. Now i am using 6z and there is no improvement at all.

Because of the unpolished game genie, my brother usually rejects calls while playing and i am having similar experience now. Now i understand why he generally rejected calls while playing on 5z...



Rising Star II
I'm not experiencing the issues you are describing but it could be because I'm on the .189 version which was just just released.
1. What do you want to customize? The ZenFone Game Genie doesn't have any game specific features like it does with our ROG Phone
2. What preferences? The only two settings someone would want to have activated every time are "No alerts" and "Lock brightness". "Lock brightness" will stay active even if you minimize but "No alerts" will turn off by purpose so you won't miss any calls when exit the game. I can understand that you think it should turn back off again once you return to the game and maybe we should change this but it's not a bug.
3. I called my phone 10 times during gaming and this issue never appeared. What games do you experience this in?
4. This must have changed in the latest version. I don't remember how it looked before but now you get a popup notification with the ability to put the caller on speaker right away.
Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_oj_9gh0bkjlht6y.jpg
I know there is room for improvement so I will ask if we can borrow functionality from ROG but there are no promises. 
1. By customizing i mean saving the settings for each game individually. 

2. All the settings are reset when you minimize a game. For eg. If i am playing a game and i turn on no alerts and the i minimize the game, upon restoring the game window no alerts is switched off..

3.I will need to test this further to give you any meaningful information.

4.Direct handsfree should be made an option. Its just a feature request i found on other brands.