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Fingerprint sensor issue.

Star III
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: 6z
Firmware Version: Latest Firmware with Latest security patch.
Rooted or not: No
After updating to the latest security update, I have started facing issues with fingerprint sensor. Earlier it used to stop working sometimes but today it seems to have stopped working completely.
Can't unlock or swipe down to access the notification drawer nor can I add new fingerprints via the settings.
There's no vibration feedback from the sensor either. So is this a sensor issue or some software bug?

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Yeah that's what the issue was. After a few restarts it seems to be working as of now so it does seem like software issue.

Star III
Now it has again stopped responding. Even the 'add new fingerprints' option seems to have gone from the settings. ☹️

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The fingerprint section in Security settings had disappeared ?

I had that issue once with the ZF3D ... It ended in a factory reset 🥴

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Yeah whenever it stops working the option to add new fingerprints also vanishes from the settings menu. Not only that even the inbuilt app lock will just say use fingerprint to unlock rather than saying use fingerprint or pattern to unlock. Also thanks for the suggestion, I will try that and see if it resolves the issue.