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Camera and finger print panel is getting heated up

Star III
Flip camera and finger print panel is getting heated up very soon.

I have done new antutu stress test and my battery temperature raised upto 45.5 degree.
Camera i have recorded a video for 20 minutes the flip camera was so hot .

Is it normal?
But i think the camera and back panel is getting hot very easily.

Star III
Ya that's what my concern is all about..
Till this date i haven't got sot of 11 hours.
Once i got around 8-9 sot .I am not sure about it .
Can you please tell me your usage history ?
May be my country is ambient temperature plays a role ?
I am not sure just thought of replacement of my mobile if it is high and the temperature is high.

Zen Master I
Well yeah, it's web browsing, listening to music and chatting mostly. Little to no gaming. I am limiting apps running in background to minimum. Spotify playing in background is a battery eater.

Star III
@ColorSage thanks bro

Hall of Fame III
Another very battery consuming detail that is not being discussed here is brightness. There are so many more factors to consider than what apps that is being used in the foreground.
Some phones doesn't reach the same thermal value during the same load because, 1 they might have a different brightness, 2 they might have other apps in the background, 3 their CPU might throttle earlier to maintain lower temps (which might not be noticeable in the games performance), 4 it might have a very different cooling solution and the build material might be plastic which feels less hot to the touch.