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Camera and finger print panel is getting heated up

Star III
Flip camera and finger print panel is getting heated up very soon.

I have done new antutu stress test and my battery temperature raised upto 45.5 degree.
Camera i have recorded a video for 20 minutes the flip camera was so hot .

Is it normal?
But i think the camera and back panel is getting hot very easily.

Community Legend I
High temperatures are normal when using the camera for an extended period of time and when benchmarking. As long as the phone is working normally after these stress tests, you should have nothing to worry about.

Star III
But, be concerned that these are the indications for mother board may shooted up anytime .
Don't use any other camera App.

Star III
@LP_ASUS I have already replaced the phone due to heavy heat up issue.
My new phone also having the issue i guess
Normal usage also it is showing 37 to 39 degree Celsius

If this is an issue then i can replace the phone once again.
The back panel is hot almost all the time.

What will be the normal conditions of a good phone?


Zen Master III
What is the ambient temperature in your country?
I have no overheating problems in Europe.