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Asus 6z rebooting again and again automatically

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:asus 6zFirmware Version:Rooted or not:Frequency of Occurrence:APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):In addition to information above, please also provide as m...

Update issue

Hey i i from india i didn't received the update ie .189......y it is happening can someone please explain me please i want the update because my speaker are continuously crashing and .189 have resolution of this... i want update please

Manan by Star II
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Last update killed multitasking

After update to PPR2.181005.003.WW_Phone-16.1220.1908.189-0 multitasking stopping working 10-15 minutes after turning on phone. All of applications in background are gray, and when I try to switch app, it closes. After that, event after open new app,...

Alarm settings need a small tweak ( Request)

Whenever you open the clock to set the alarm, the timer is not at the current time. So you have to scroll way more.For eg. If its 8:30 AM and i have to set an alram for say 8:45AM. The timer is i think still on the last alaram you set and never at yo...

GamerArc by Rising Star II
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Can't I make some some notification silently show?

Sometimes, there would be some apps which I need notifications from but, I just need them without making any sound/vibrate or tone. Currently, there's no option under notification settings which helps me do so on my Asus 6Z. Either it's show notifica...

A few more software suggestions

Hello again, I've been wondering about:1. Smart Key actions: launch 3rd party app - with that I could for example execute a task in Tasker;Play/pause, next, previous track to control media playback;2. Camera:- ability to switch between normal and wid...

ColorSage by Zen Master I
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Imported Z6 from china To Brazil Default Reset.

Friends I am using Google translator, sorry if it gets hard to understand, unfortunately I imported Zenfone 6 from China to Brazil, Unfortunately my Smartphone came out of the box with problem on 15/08/2019, and I did not even an update can not do an...

kms by Star I
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Call recording

Please advice the best free Call recording app for my device pro m1.