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Ai charging issue

hi... anyone have issue with the ai charging??.. In my device the battery is getting charged before the scheduled time..Even after the latest update no change..Even i have tried in soft mode.. Any suggest me some troubleshooting.

Now I know

Now I know why Asus will never capture market share no matter what innovation they do...Ignorance is a bliss CH_Asus

Kyle7 by Star II
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Worst issue with no fix from Asus

Let me tell you I don't want to write this all over again and again...I've posted this multiple times on your previous Zentalk forum and you could see that a lot of people are frustrated and don't like this issue.The Incoming call interface in Zenfon...

Kyle7 by Star II
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[Clarified] FM radio

One of the reasons I got the 6 was the FM radio. It works but I seem to have to turn it on/off three times before it starts playing? Could somebody check this to see if it's some weirdness with my phone or a bug.

Car Bluetooth issue

Well, this phone come with lot of bugs.I m facing a problem with this phone when i connect my phone with car Bluetooth and i get call from someone if i switch my phone to Bluetooth to microphone for personal call, i m not able to hear voice and phon...

onesach by Star I
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Google Photos brightness issue

Has anyone else noticed this? When tapping on a photo in Google photos after about 0.5 seconds the image is automatically brightened up, sometimes I even get the little prompt asking if I want to fix the brightness. However pressing yes or closing th...

Add flashlight Face detect unlock

Now zenfone6 can flip camera and recognize face for face detect unlock But when outside gonna dark it can't recognize faceSo how about use flashlight option when it's dark 

Клавиша громкости

I don't understand why the volume key is only used for videos and games? Why can't I adjust the volume of incoming calls and SMS in real time? I go into the room and to lower the volume level have to go into the settings and do everything with your h...

lyzovn by Star I
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Work profiles broken (Island app) in latest OTA update

With the latest OTA update the Island app stopped working. It's using work profiles, so that might be where something changed? I'm not sure how to solve the issue. I tried reinstalling the app but it didn't help. 

agilo3 by Star III
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