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Memory card problem

I inserted my old samsung evo 16gb sd card. Then phone keep restarting when i try to open file manager or camera or zentalk. It literally restarted 7 times. I inserted the same memory card in my microsoft 640xl it works. What is the problem with asus...

Lost in space, righteous mishandlings an camera blue's with no clue's

All i know is my camera has suffered greatly from android 10...theres a huuge difference in pics taken now compared to pics taken b4 an after 9... Handheld an tripod..... But im hearing( technically seeing) that im a liar an there is no differenc...

mastershu by Rising Star I
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USB-C headphones not supported (Zenfone 6/6Z)

I currently have a few pairs of USB-C headphones I'd love to be able to use on my phone, but I can't because they aren't currently supported in the software.Please add support for USB-C headphones in the Asus Zenfone 6.I understand the phone has a 3....

Jeb by Rising Star II
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Default music player app

Is there any way to play mp3 file instead of using Google Music? Also, I found out that after update to Android 10, some of Google apps was disabled (Google Music, Chrome for sure, and maybe some other). Anybody knows why?

Bluetooth connectivity issue after android 10 update

Hi,I have a serious problem of Bluetooth connectivity with my Bluetooth earphones to my phone Asus 6z . My Bluetooth earphones connect with any other phone but not with my phone.I have tested in safe mode, I have formated my phone checked my earphone...

Camera flip problem, Please please help

Please help I have saved alot of money for this phone ??The camera only flips up 90% rest 10% I have to do it manually, and flipping back its the same scenario This issue was also there before updating android 10, No back cover, No tempered glass, No...

Cracked screen

After just a few months, I already broke the screen...But the way it happened is what really dissapoints me: The phone slipped out of my hand and hit my WOODEN FLOOR, and the main glass under the screenprotector shattered and the screen itself. Woode...

control media player with volume button

is it possible to control media player (next song, play/pause) with volume button while screen off?i'm using asus zenfone 6 with android 10

ihwan by Star I
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