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Any upcoming updates for fixing bugs?

Accent colours are not changing, override force dark not working for all apps,icon shapes are not changing, fingerprint scanner got slower etc. Any information guys?

Bitan07 by Star II
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Back case

My back case has got so many scratches,dents with normal usage , i bought another back cover but with that cover phone weighs more , Hey asus can u sell box accessories, likeEarphones, back case OrAny Zentalk user give me. Best link to buy back cover...

Call on earphones

After receiving new update i can't hear calls on earphones.I first thought it was fault of earphones but then i tried on other earphone and i faced same issue

Not able to flip the camera

After the update i am not able flip the camera and couldn't access my front camera and in addition to these the phone goes blank and displays black screen during and after calls.

Raghav by Star I
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Zenfone 6 weird screen power glitch for Android 10

Just installed Android 10 today on my Zenfone 6 and noticed something pretty minor but it's been bugging me and my friends who own the same phone as I do. In Android 9, when turning on the screen or turning off the screen, you would get a fade effect...

Microphone volume EXTREMELY low after Android 10 update

I just installed the Android 10 update today and noticed that the microphone sound has become extremely quiet in 3rd party apps like Snapchat and Instagram. The microphone audio is perfectly fine in the main camera app but in any other 3rd party app,...


Now, I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that the latest update for the Zenfone 6 has completely ruined everything. I absolutely loved my Zenfone 6. I still do. I babied it to death and it kills me that the latest update from 11/25/2019...

Resolved! Popping sound when pressing back cover below the camera

My back cover seems to be loose at the back of the phone and when pressed on the area marked on the picture sticky popping sound can be heard, which resembles that of failed adhesive. Is this typical issue or is it just my device?

joonabs by Star I
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Phone app - call history issue.

In the phone app , I can't see the recent call history that I made like yesterday, but only the calls I made 3 to 4 days ago when clicking on a person's call history, the same goes for missed calls too, can't see missed calls that I made yesterday,bu...

Saran by Rising Star II
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