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Camera flip problem, Please please help

Rising Star II
Please help I have saved alot of money for this phone ??

The camera only flips up 90% rest 10% I have to do it manually, and flipping back its the same scenario 

This issue was also there before updating android 10, No back cover, No tempered glass, No dust around the sensor or camera, tried calibrating the camera also, did a factory reset just now, thought it should work fine, as many people here suggest to factory reset after a major update, and it occurrs in other apps as well like Google duo snapchat Instagram!
You can checkout the videos below,

And just now encountered one more issue which i have never heard or experienced
Smart key is not behaving how it is meant to be (check the video) it was working superb before doing a factory reset.

Should I raise the issue to flipkart or directly visit a asus service centre.?

And i am scared to go service centre, listening to people experience, and lack of knowledge of technicians what if some other problems occurs?

C'mon guys we pay the brand soo much and expect this quality please have some customer satisfaction, never heard such negative reviews from your competitor brand users, I have seen soo many bad reviews and bugs reporting on this forum and flipkart 

Please help??

Check this link for proofs

Community Legend I
Since you said that the camera issue was happening in Android 9 as well, it sounds like a hardware issue. You should not have to pull the camera the last 10% or push it back into its cradle.
I recommend contacting your local ASUS service center, and not FlipKart. They are more likely to have the parts on hand to do a hardware repair. I understand your hesitation but that is the only way to fix a hardware issue.

Rising Star II
Got it done the old style,
It took longer than they said,
Its working smoothly now,
It was indeed a motor problem.